About AppraisalLink
AppraisalLinkä is a leading web enabled application designed with the mortage professional in mind. AppraisalLinkä fulfills the legal compliance necessary in todays real estate climate while providing the most powerful and cost effective solution linking the lending community to the appraisal process. The AppraisalLinkä solution is powerful yet simple and most mortage organizations can be operating at higher level of effeciency with minimal training.

For Mortgage Professionals
For the mortgage professionals, AppraisalLinkä provides an efficient platform for ordering appraisals, checking real-time status of the assignment, and communicating issues and concerns to the appraiser. The client's personalized access to AppraisalLinkäalso allows them to view and print the final appraisal report via a PDF document file.

For Appraisers
For the appraiser and the appraisal company AppraisalLinkä provides efficiency for receiving on line orders and selecting appraisers for specific assignments. The system also offers a fast and efficient means for communicating the inspection and delivery dates to the client, as well as issues and concerns that are pertinent throughout the process.

Sign Up for AppraisalLink Today
Joining AppraisalLinkä is easy and does not require any initiation fees. Once you sign-up, mortage companies will pay a small transaction fee for each appraisal order submitted to the system. Most mortage companies will find the features in the AppraisalLinkä solution will meet their current needs. In addition, the AppraisalLinkä services team can make necessary changes to meet your workflow needs.
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